The instruction on this webpage is for students holding or studying to obtain a bachelor’s degree from a Dutch research university. Have you read the admission requirements and checked the deadlines for application?

Your Application process 

Step 1: Create an account with Studielink. You will receive two emails, one with a username and one with a password.

Step 2: Apply via Studielink by choosing a programme and a starting date. You will receive three more emails from Studielink, confirming your application and asking you to send documents to the UT. Please read the information in the link in these emails. You will receive another email with login credentials for the OSIRIS application where you can upload your documents.

Step 3: Continue your application via the OSIRIS application, using the login credentials provided to you via email. After you login to Osiris please click on "details" behind your application to continue the procedure. You do not need to enter any e-check code in Osiris.

If you wish to submit a new or additional application you can add these in your original Studielink account.

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