Spatial Engineering

Master’s programme Spatial Engineering: tackling the world’s growing spatial problems

As populations grow, our world faces large-scale spatial problems. How do we deal with the distribution of limited natural resources, such as water and energy? What about food security, or the consequences of natural and man-made disasters? Many of these problems are influenced by changes in our climate that cause rising water levels, failed harvests and extreme weather conditions. The Master’s programme Spatial Engineering prepares you to address these problems with a combination of technical and socio-economic knowledge, a firm grounding in spatial data analysis and modelling, and geotechnical engineering. Key words in this Master’s programme are GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and remote sensing.

Multi-disciplinary and broadly oriented

As a student of Spatial Engineering, you will acquire knowledge and skills across different disciplines, from spatial planning to civil engineering and spatial data science. You will strengthen your awareness and understanding of society's current needs. With a Master’s degree in Spatial Engineering, you will be an engineering professional, an expert in spatial information science and a broadly oriented expert bringing a helicopter view to the projects and themes you engage with.

First-year projects

In the first year of the Master’s in Spatial Engineering, you will concentrate on three existing, real-life research and consultancy projects. These will cover three different themes:

  • climate-resilient cities
  • food and water security
  • man-induced earthquakes

Does this programme match your interests and ambitions?

Do you have a strong affinity with technology and systems, and are you inspired by large-scale, complex challenges? Are you a creative thinker willing and able to look beyond the obvious solutions? Are you eager to engage with what is happening in our world, and to use your skills to make our planet more sustainable? If so, the Master’s programme in Spatial Engineering at the University of Twente may be just up your street.

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