Admission / Enrolment

During HBO degree

As a bachelor's student at a university of applied sciences you can transfer to a one- or two-year UT master's programme. Students with a university of applied sciences bachelor's degree cannot immediately start with a master's programme at university. In order to start a master's programme you first need to do a transferprogramme to bring your knowledge up to the required level.

Unique possibility

As a student of applied sciences you can use your Minor space to complete the whole or part of the transferprogramme. This is a unique possibility which does not only saves you a lot of time, but also quite a bit of money since you're of course already paying tuition fees for your university of applied sciences bachelor's degree. Moreover, you can already see whether your future master's programme matches your expectations.

study load and Content 

The study load of this so-called transferminor depends on the master's programme that you want to follow and is master related. Most transferminors consists out of 30 ECTS. In some cases, if the transferprogramme consists out of 45 ECTS, you are required to complete the remainder after obtaining your university of applied sciences bachelor's degree. The content and admission requirements differ per master's programme and can be found at the relevant master's programmes webpages.

Start Date

Most of the programmes start in September, with a few offering the additional possibility to start in February.

Transfer minor admission conditions

To be admitted to the transferminor you need to meet the admission conditions. In addition to a relevant university of applied sciences certificate and a positive recommendation from your examination committee you need to have:

1) Obtained all ECTS from the first and second academic year of the programme.

2) Some master programmes require English and programme-relevant Mathematics* at pre-university education level, the so called VWO level (derived from the entrance examination)

This is possible through:

  • having previously obtained a pre-university education certificate;
  • being able to demonstrate that within your education programme sufficient English and/or Mathematics education was provided during the first and second year; 
  • successfully completing the English and Mathematics transfer courses offered by Saxion (only for Saxion students);
  •   meeting already the language requirements for international students;

Note: In the Netherlands a distinction is made between the so-called technical (VWO-B) and non-technical (VWO-A) Mathematics, intended for the transfer to technical and non-technical master's programmes respectively.

Admissible for which master's?

With the help of the transfermatrix  you are able to acquaint yourself with the master's programmes the UT has to offer and the programmes you can be admitted to. Saxion students also can check our UT-Saxion transfer matrix.

Start online application

Please check the application deadlines before you start your application. If you have already done this, you can start your application for a transfer programme (Kies op maat)


Any questions about the transfer minor can be mailed to our
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