In the Master's specialization Learning Sciences, you are taught how to research learning processes in different contexts and when to propose necessary instruction solutions. With this knowledge, you can advise on the improvement of learning processes and learning outcomes. With your knowledge of instruction methods, you can work on developing learning arrangements, with or without ICT, in the profit or non-profit sector. 

Many of our graduates find jobs in the so-called care structure of education. This includes training, consultancy and development companies (Bright Alley, Eluxis), test development and test administration (A-Vision, Dexlex, Cito) and organizations that support education (SLO, KPC group, TechYourFuture). A smaller percentage of our alumni choose jobs in research or become teachers at a university of applied science.

Alumni experience


Anneloes is an E-learning consultant at Bright Alley in Utrecht. As an educational psychologist she designs effective learning environments for professionals. 

As an educational psychologist, my main concern is to establish a close connection between the client's needs and those of the target group.Anneloes Post: E-learning consultant bij Bright Alley

"I used to think computer games like The Sims, or online games like Worlds of Goo, were amazing. I always wondered how those edu-trainings managed to motivate me to learn the most difficult things. When I discovered the Master's programme in Instruction, Learning and Development, I knew at once: that is where I need to be, that is where I can learn how this so-called game-flow works, among many other things. I also wanted to pursue something useful and meaningful later on in real life. As an educational psychologist, my main concern is to establish a close connection between the client's needs and those of the target group. What motivates them? How do I make this learning material more interesting and compelling? What learning culture already exists at the company and how can our e-learning fit into that? During my Bachelor’s programme, I mainly learned to recognize the ins and outs of the target group. That means doing target audience analyses of the group of students, co-workers and the company. Now, after my Master's, my focus as an educational psychologist lies more specifically on the target group's education.

I enjoyed this programme because you get a clear and wide picture of your potential work area. You are challenged in your educational approach and your ideas on child and adult education, but also in diagnosing learning disabilities through testing and brain scans. But don't forget: the real experience comes after your studies." 

Eefje Albers, Junior Consultant at Bright Alley Knowledge & Learning

Eefje Albers graduated in the summer of 2009 in the master program. The main focus of Eefjes bachelor and master programs was on e-learning and educational games. In September 2009 she started to work at Chipsoft as a Technical Writer (Technisch Schrijver) and Junior Consultant. After 6 months Eefje made a switch to Bright Alley (Utrecht, The Netherlands) where she is responsible for the educational design of e-learning and educational games. Bright Alley Knowledge & Learning is specialised in the communication of knowledge with multimedia and the Internet. They develop creative and effective custom-made ideas for (on-line) interactive (business) courses, tests, educative games, multimedia learning tools and public information programs. Eefjes first project is for the Rabo Bank.

Digna Hoogenboom, Stichting Movimiento

Digna Hoogenboom graduated in January 2010. In 2009 she started the Stichting Movimiento (together with Marc Brul en Carina Schott). This foundations mission is to start and facilitate projects aiming at education and health enlightenment for children in the rural population in Uruguay. In May 2010 their first project starts.

Tijs van den Broek, junior researcher/advisor at TNO

Graduated as a psychologist and industrial engineer on July 1st 2008, I started at TNO ICT at the department of Strategy, Policy, and Innovation. This department is particularly concerned with the impact of ICT on our society. We investigate, for example, how ICT contributes to health, education, governmental services, and social cohesion. As a junior researcher I participate in interesting European and National research projects, which mainly affect for strategy and policy decisions. The knowledge and skills that I gained during my studies in Psychology (Learning & Education) are very useful. At the moment I participate in a project in which we examine the effectiveness of electronic learning environments in secondary vocational education. We perform research together with ROC's and provide our clients with a usable advice.

Marjoke Bakker, PhD. at the Freudenthal Institute

Marjoke Bakker graduated in 2007, her master thesis research focused on how estimating skills can be measured in children. Currently, she is a PhD. student at the Freudenthal Institute in Utrecht, the Netherlands.  

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