Frank, Martin and Matthijs, three of the teachers of the Human Factors and Engineering programe, share their thoughts about the programme. 


Assistant professor

Engineers are the ones who invent and create new technologies, whereas Human Factors specialists take care that technology design is appropriate for human beings. This is what we call the anti-Procrustes principle – and psychologists have just the right skills for the job. 

prof. Frank van der Velde

Professor Technical Cognition 

We study human cognition with the aim of applying knowledge of human cognitive processing in technical systems. Examples are found in motor behaviour and language, and their application in technical systems, such as computer systems and robots, like the iCub robot. 

Dr. Matthijs Noordzij


I am proud of the fact that we have a Master's programme that gives graduates the chance to find jobs not only as researchers or educators, but also as designers. I think we have created a good mix of Human Factors theory and application that allows our students to confidently enter the job market with a strong, unique profile. 
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