As a graduate from the Master's specialization in Human Factors and Engineering Psychology, you are just as comfortable in the business world as in research. Think of all the different industries in which human factors play a crucial role: from the automotive, technological and medical industries to consultancy. Your future job could involve working as part of an interdisciplinary team, in which you are the linking pin between the design team and the user during the different stages of production. As a student in this field, you have a keen interest in the design, introduction and evaluation of products in companies such as Vredestein, UL Wiklund, ProRail or Nedap. As a human factors expert, usability expert or consultant, you can work in large (international) companies, such as Philips or Volkswagen. You also have the option of working as a researcher at a university or an organization such as TNO or IfADo. And if you want to progress further after your Master's, you can go on to complete a post- Master's degree in User System Interaction in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


Lennart Overkamp

Eindhoven University of Technology

User System Interaction (PDEng trainee) 

This is a post-Master´s programme made up mainly of 1- to 2-week-modules. In every module, we deal with a new design project with a new theme. My colleagues are from all over the world and have very different backgrounds (Computer Science, Design, Social Science). During each project, my colleagues and I work together in multicultural, multidisciplinary design teams. My tasks vary, from interviewing and usability testing to programming and Photoshopping.

Raphaela Schnittker

Monash University (Melbourne, Australia)

PhD Candidate Human Factors & Patient Safety

I started out as a PhD student at Monash University in Melbourne in May, 2015. My field is Human Factors and Patient Safety. I also have a job as science officer at one of the main public hospitals in Melbourne. I will be conducting some of my PhD research there. My aim is to examine decision-making processes in the medical domain of anaesthesia. I will be looking specifically at how anaesthetists and nurses work together in critical situations to ensure patient safety. My approach is naturalistic, which means it will involve things like observation in the operating room, conducting interviews and studying simulated emergencies.  

Joyce Leussink

Adwise Internet marketing

UX Consultant

Adwise is a full-service Internet marketing agency. As a UX consultant, I prepare  user tests that are conducted in the UX lab, analyze them and present them to the customer. I also conduct expert reviews and develop interaction designs for desktop and mobile websites, web shops and applications. Finally, I also conduct evaluation interviews with both customers and end users, create personas and run card sorting sessions.

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