Many opportunities await you as a psychologist. Most people associate the work of psychologists with the healthcare sector. But psychologists are active in government, business, education and industry. Regardless of the sector, psychologists research and analyse behaviour and look for practical, possibly technological, solutions for psychological issues.  

Once you’ve completed your degree, and depending on your specialization, you’ll be ready to take on a job as a behavioural scientist, a researcher, consultant or a trainer. Below you can read more about the career prospects associated with the various specializations. 



During your Master's specialization in Conflict, Risk & Safety, you will learn how to develop, implement and evaluate safety interventions. This means that you will be suited to work as a behavioural scientist with the police or the ministry of Defence or Justice, or as a trainer, mediator, security researcher or consultant. You might also get a job as a security consultant or coordinator at a private or public organization, a personnel manager, a policy officer or a consultant at a ministry or a multinational company. Another option is to become a security researcher/consultant (at a university, or at the Research and Documentation Centre, the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, or the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment).


Once you have completed your Master's specialization in Health Psychology & Technology, you will play a coordinating and initiating role in designing, implementing and evaluating, and purchasing innovative health-promoting interventions for the public, patients and caregivers. You will be able to work as a researcher, a policy officer or a coordinator for Health Psychology interventions at health promotion institutes, such as the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the Netherlands Institute for Sport and Physical Activity (NISB) or Soa Aids Nederland, hospitals or health care facilities, GGDs (Community Health Services), companies and research institutes.


As a graduate from the Master's specialization in Human Factors and Engineering Psychology, you are just as comfortable in the business world as in research. Think of all the different industries in which human factors play a crucial role: from the automotive, technological and medical industries to consultancy. Your future job could involve working as part of an interdisciplinary team, in which you are the linking pin between the design team and the user during the different stages of production. As a student in this field, you have a keen interest in the design, introduction and evaluation of products in companies such as Vredestein, UL Wiklund, ProRail or Nedap. As a human factors expert, usability expert or consultant, you can work in large (international) companies, such as Philips or Volkswagen. You also have the option of working as a researcher at a university or an organization such as TNO or IfADo. And if you want to progress further after your Master's, you can go on to complete a post- Master's degree in User System Interaction in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


In the Master's specialization Learning Sciences, you are taught how to research learning processes in different contexts and when to propose necessary instruction solutions. With this knowledge, you can advise on the improvement of learning processes and learning outcomes. With your knowledge of instruction methods, you can work on developing learning arrangements, with or without ICT, in the profit or non-profit sector. 

Many of our graduates find jobs in the so-called care structure of education. This includes training, consultancy and development companies (Bright Alley, Eluxis), test development and test administration (A-Vision, Dexlex, Cito) and organizations that support education (SLO, KPC group, TechYourFuture). A smaller percentage of our alumni choose jobs in research or become teachers at a university of applied science.

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