In order to smoothen the transfer from higher professional education to university education, we looked at whether it was possible to let students of related higher professional study programmes complete parts of the Psychology pre-master programme during their bachelor’s programme. This resulted in the transfer minor. By taking the transfer minor during your higher professional education bachelor’s programme, you can transfer to the Psychology master’s programme more quickly. This way you already complete about half of the pre-master in your transfer minor and after finishing your bachelor’s programme (including the transfer minor) the only components left are theself-study (July/Aug) and a module of 15 EC (only possible in the 1 Sep - January semester), allowing you to start your Psychology master’s programme in February. Additionally, the transfer minor is the perfect opportunity to find out whether studying at a university is right for you.

Transfer minor courses

The courses in the transfer minor match the general / academic part (30 EC) of the Psychology pre-master programme. The general part consists of courses related to research methods and statistics, research and design courses, as well as an orientation regarding the scientific disciplines related to Psychology. More detailed information.

Admission requirements

In order to be allowed to start the transfer minor, you have to meet a number of requirements

  1. A related study programme, see  ‘Admission’.
  2. You must have completed the first two years of your higher professional education study programme
  3. Proficiency (mathematics and English)*
  4. Permission of your examination board

* As a student of higher professional education, continuing with the Psychology (pre-)master programme is only recommended if you are among the better students (minimum average score of 7.0). We recommend brushing up on your proficiency in English and mathematics before starting the pre-master programme. You can follow additional courses at Babel en Boswell Bèta or the Open University. Specific information is available for Saxion students.


When you decide to enrol in the transfer minor at the UT, you will continue to be enrolled as a student at your current institution of higher professional education. At the UT, you will be enrolled as a ‘transfer minor student’. If you want to enrol as a transfer minor student, you can do so via Kies op maat. Make sure you do so before 30 June (starting in September) or 31 December (starting in February).

After completing the transfer minor

Once you have completed the (transfer) minor, and you are in your final year of your higher professional education programme, you should contact the study adviser of the Psychology (pre-) master at the UT ( so you can discuss the continuation of the pre-master. Please note: this (follow-up) programme always starts during the summer (holiday) / in September.

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