Technology and values

This profile focuses on normative, evaluative and critical issues in relation to technology and society. These are its central questions: How can technology be developed and used in an ethical way? What good is technology? And how should both society and engineering be organized in order to have technology that is ethically and politically acceptable?

The normative focus in this cluster is reflected in its emphasis on public and private values in relation to individuals and society. You will engage in evaluating or prescribing directions for the development of technology according to these values. The values you will study will include freedom, justice, democracy, autonomy, privacy, human dignity, the intrinsic value of humans and nature, responsibility and well-being. Technologies you will explore will include information technology and robotics, biomedical technology, nanotechnology and environmental technology, among others.

Topics in this profile include the ethical development of technology, ethical use of technology, the ethics and politics of regulating technology, ethics of emerging technologies, technology and the good life, technology and the quality of society, technology and the environment, technology and globalization and others. In this cluster you will focus on studies in ethics and social and political philosophy, combining these with studies from other disciplines, including science and technology studies (technology assessment, sociology of users, scenario studies, and governance studies), social sciences, engineering and medicine.


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