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Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society


The PSTS Master's programme is a one-of-a-kind combination of High Tech and Human Touch. You will learn to identify the links between scientific and technological developments and understand their impact on society.

The programme is popular among students with a wide variety of backgrounds and a range of nationalities. This gives you a unique opportunity to learn from others in an international setting and to benefit from shared knowledge and experiences. This international interaction is particularly pronounced in the Technolab unit. Students work in groups in the Technolab, exploring a technology they choose themselves, and they publish a High Tech Human Touch Magazine.

An example of such a magazine can be found below:

What is PSTS?  

How real are friendships on social networking sites like Facebook? Is ‘privacy’ an outdated concept in this day and age? Or will new technologies such as Google Glass turn people into cyborgs? Your programme focusses on questions like these.

Check out the video here in which PSTS students and staff talk about their experiences. Interested in knowing more about the topics that our researchers are working on? See the PSTS research fields to the right.

Who is it for? 

All applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in (information on admission):

  • Philosophy and social science students, with an affinity for technology
  • Engineering students, with an affinity for philosophy

Unparalleled programme

  • One-of-a-kind combination of High Tech and Human Touch
  • Learn from fellow students
  • Clear-cut international character
  • Broad admission requirements
  • Lecturers from the Netherlands and abroad

Research topics


The registration deadline for the University of Twente’s Master's programmes is approaching. You can register for PSTS here: registration website. See the registration deadlines website for the dates that apply to you.

Get to know PSTS

Join us at the Last Minute Day on 6 June. Please register here:

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