student's experiences

Anne Leenstra

Anne studied for his Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Technology at the University of Twente and chose to do his Master’s in Nanotechnology at the same university. He opted for the Nanoelectronics specialization. He always planned to work in a company working in technology, but he might continue doing research for a few years as well.

I chose Nanotechnology because of the broad view on science that it provides . The multidisciplinary character of the study fits seamlessly with my prior degree, the Bachelor’s in Advanced Technology.  I hasten to add, though, that in addition to this broad context, it are the specialization courses that really make the programme worthwhile. The Master’s is unique because it provides a lot of information on current research during interactive lectures. There is plenty of hands-on activity in the lab together with the professors and research staff. That is great, because you learn the most from people who are doing research themselves.

During the nanodevices course, we had to design a nanotechnology-based device. My assignment was to improve the design of a silicon quantum dot. This device is used to trap single electrons. Since the dimensions of the device really push the envelope of accuracy on the lithography machine, aligning different layers is very challenging. The goal of the assignment was to create a design which was less dependent on the alignment of the layers. I succeeded in creating such a design without losing too much tenability.

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