In today’s data-driven society, we monitor and measure everything but it's a big challenge to find the best way to design research and analyse data to extract the most valuable information and communicate results effectively. Would you like to advance the frontiers of statistics through research? Do you want to apply statistical knowledge and computing to solve problems across a wide range of fields? Do you like teaming up with professionals from other disciplines to achieve the best findings from the available data? Then this Research Master’s is for you! This two-year programme provides comprehensive training through a unique combination of the three participating departments specializing in diverse research areas within behavioural, biomedical and social sciences. All three offer an inspiring learning environment focusing on real-world application and resulting in an exceptionally broad choice of traineeship opportunities and thesis topics. Your career prospects will be excellent. This Master’s allows you to experience the research culture at two universities, Utrecht and Twente. Live-video conference techniques will be used that support online live-communication teaching.

Excellent career prospects

The Methodology and Statistics programme prepares you for a scientific career in academia, research institutes, government organisations or private enterprises. Utrecht University, University Medical Centre Utrecht, and the University of Twente maintain strong partnerships with various non-academic institutions. The majority of our graduates obtain positions as PhD students either in one of the three departments that coordinate this Master’s programme or in other related departments in the Netherlands or abroad.

Right for you?

Are you interested in complex problems in the behavioral, biomedical or social sciences, working in a multidisciplinary environment, where data-driven solutions are required using methodology and statistics? Do you relish the prospect of using high-quality data, simulations and statistical models for decision making? Are you interested in making causal inferences with experimental designs? If so, this programme has a lot to offer. You will be encouraged to explore new challenges and develop skills and knowledge in cutting-edge statistical methods and research methodology. This programme offers different specializations (tracks).  

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