Mark Wierbosch

Mark studied ICT at the University of Twente. He is now studying the Master’s programme in Telematics. When he finishes his studies, he would like to find a job in the industry: “I have heard there was a shortage of high educated computer science personnel, so I think I will find something that I like.”

I chose the Master’s in Telematics because I find it interesting to see how computers communicate and how a network handles traffic and how they are managed. I also find the security aspects that networks bring with them interesting. The Telematics programme covers these interests. Also, it focuses on the technical communication aspects of computer science, which is why I chose this Master’s.

For the Network Security course, the teachers told the students that if a student could hack into the university’s electronic learning environment Blackboard and change their grade to a 10, they could obtain a higher grade. At this time, Blackboard was not updated to the latest version and contained a lot of bugs. So together with another student, I looked for security flaws. We found that it was possible to take over the account of the teacher and so change our grade to a 10 and mail from his account to all of the course’s teachers that we succeeded in the task. During the course, we had learned the basics of web hacking and put it to good use. We succeeded because we systematically looked at the web site and this way, we found the bugs.

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