Alumnus Justyna


Justyna is an alumnus of the Master's programme in Internet Science & Technology and currently a PhD researcher at the Design and Analysis of Communication Systems research group.

Why study in The Netherlands?

I’ve always had a strong urge to go abroad, so why not study in the Netherlands? During my bachelor course at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, I did an internship in the Netherlands. The atmosphere was so great, I felt right at home. So I decided to get my master’s degree at the University of Twente. The programme matched my interests perfectly, but there’s so much more I am enjoying about the Netherlands. You get far more responsibility and freedom here than we do in Poland. I’ve also learned to be more direct.

More then a degree

Students in the Netherlands are actively encouraged to give their opinions and to think differently. I’m also far more active here than I was at home. I was on the board of a student association, I go horse-riding and I’ve picked up salsa dancing. Of course, sightseeing during the weekends is another must-do! Many of my Dutch and international friends are people I’ve met on campus or at student associations. I usually speak English with them, but I’m also learning Dutch. I understand it fairly well, but I’d like to improve my speech.

Cum Laude Graduate

I already graduated (cum laude!). And guess what? I am not leaving the University yet. I started a PhD research about improving the security of critical infrastructures, like in power distribution. It doesn’t seem that I will be leaving the Netherlands any time soon.

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