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So how can you be certain the University of Twente's Interaction Technology Master's has what you're looking for? Check the statements we've come up with below. If they resonate with you, chances are that this is the right master's for you.

Some typical I-TECH student viewpoints  

  • "I love and understand technology, but I am not the kind of person who wants to spend all his or her time fine-tuning it; I'm more interested in connecting technological possibilities with the real needs of people and organisations. I want to come up with the perfect interactive solution and get it out there. I like the people and the business side as much as I do the technical side."
  • "I have a technical bachelor's and am eager to go deeper into technology. But I want a master's in which I can also develop my understanding of human behaviour, creativity, presentation skills, entrepreneurship and business insights. It's the interface between technology and people that fascinates me most."
  • "I have a bachelor's in social sciences and I want a career in which I can work with and really impact people and society. Because I’m also pretty comfortable with science and engineering and I see huge opportunities there for doing what I want to do, I want to find a master's that covers the whole chain, from user context analysis to technology development and rollout."
  • "I want to specialise in technology research, but I also want to stay in touch with the user side. The master's I'm looking for will offers enough technical depth to further a career in research, while also providing me with the knowledge and insights I will need to focus on true interactivity and societal impact."
  • "I took the UT's Bachelor's in Creative Technology and it provided the perfect mix of technology and creativity. I want to continue with that mix at master's level."
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