Within the requirements of the programme you will have a great deal of freedom to put together your own individual study programme, in line with your own interest. We will regularly challenge you to put what you have learned into practice in a series of projects. Your course list will have to be approved by the programme mentor.

The two-year Master’s in Interaction Technology consists of six pillars and is taught entirely in English. Below you can see the structure of the programme; each segment represents 5EC. During their first quarter, you take Foundations of Interaction Technology (2.5EC Technology, 2.5EC Understanding Humans and Context) and one course out of the Technology pillar. All courses are assigned to one (5EC) or two pillars (2.5EC per pillar) according to the overview below (unless stated otherwise). 

Six pillars

infographic with six pillars for 120 European credits: 1 Technology, 2 Understanding humans & context, 3 Research, 4 Storytelling, 5 Design, 6, Entrepreneurship. Besides that the research topics, final project and electives

General programme structure 


The Interaction Technology Master's will be concluded with Research Topics (10 credits) and Graduation Project/Final Assignment (30 credits).

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