Programme Structure

What makes Industrial Engineering and Management unique?

Besides the great teachers the Master’s programme offers three specializations, two of which are unique in the Netherlands: Healthcare Technology & Management (HCTM) and Financial Engineering & Management (FEM).

In HCTM, new business process technologies help healthcare institutions provide high-quality care and engage in continuous innovation at minimal cost thanks to state-of-the-art mathematical modeling and computer simulation.

In FEM you will learn to determine the extent to which risk should be dealt with using financial engineering instruments or other types of solutions, such as reengineering business processes, adapting the firm’s strategy, switching customers/suppliers or taking alternative investment decisions. You will also benefit from comprehensive management training and learn to apply strategic skills to manage the firm’s innovation and technology.

The third specialization, Production & Logistics Management (PLM), focuses on design, planning, optimization and control of operational processes in production, transportation, supply chains and sustainability and service logistics.

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