Arturo E. Pérez Rivera acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Honduras. He chose the Master’s programme in Industrial Engineering and Management with the specialization Production and Logistics Management. Arturo: “I chose this specific Master’s programme because it provided the perfect way of enhancing my skills for solving - industrial - problems through the use of operations research knowledge.”

The University of Twente offers a high-level and up-to-date education, with excellent study facilities and a beautiful campus. The entrepreneurial spirit of partnering with other organizations gives students the opportunity to acquire real-world experience, which is necessary for a complete education.

The open-mindedness of teachers and the critical attitudes of the students raises many discussions that enrich the learning experience. As long as you can support your arguments, teachers are willing to listen to your ideas; even if these ideas are not in their favourite line of thought.

I did not experience a language barrier while communicating with other students. The advice of specialization coordinators and study advisers was very helpful for me in choosing courses and dealing with practical matters like home sickness. 

After finishing my Master’s, my plan is to continue in a practical-oriented PhD position in line with my studies. In the future I would like to work as a manager in an organization that is interested in planning and controlling operations and processes through a scientific approach.

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