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The Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems research group at the University of Twente participates in the Master’s programme in Industrial Engineering and Management:


The focus of research at IEBIS is on the logistics, healthcare and services sector. It has a special interest in decision support systems and inter-organizational systems connecting networks of businesses.

IEBIS research is divided into three themes:

  • design, planning, optimization and control of operational processes in production, transportation, supply chains, service logistics, and healthcare;
  • design and engineering of IT-based services for coordination and integration of business processes in supply chains and business networks;
  • financial engineering, risk management, and financial decision-making.

Research is related to IT, business, logistics theory and applications. To make innovation happen within and across business networks, IEBIS:

  • develops and applies appropriate planning and coordination algorithms;
  • designs suitable business-model engineering and business cases;
  • implements feasible organizational and technical architectures.

IEBIS is closely connected to CTIT, the Centre for Telematics and Information Technology and IGS, the Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies.

Digital Society Institute

Digital Society Institute is one of the largest academic ICT research institutes in Europe. Over 475 researchers actively participate in its research programme, which has a clear focus on the integration of technology-based research and its application in specific domains.

Their unique multi-disciplinary approach makes it an attractive partner, and the institute maintains an extensive international network of contacts and working relationships with academia and industry. This network includes ICT and manufacturing companies, universities and research institutes, healthcare organizations, financial institutes, governmental organizations and logistics service providers.


The Centre for Healthcare Operations Improvement & Research (CHOIR) supports healthcare institutions in their efforts to improve the quality of services while simultaneously reducing costs. At minimal cost, new business-process technologies help healthcare institutions provide high-quality care while engaging in ongoing innovation. This includes the development and application of information technology and the optimization of logistical processes with state-of-the-art mathematical modelling and computer simulation. These improvements to business processes often ease pressure in the workplace and lead to higher employee retention.

CHOIR is a multidisciplinary collaborative alliance between the University of Twente’s IGS and CTIT research institutes covering the following research areas:

  • Operations Research / Decision Theory
  • Logistics & Operations Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Information Technology & Management
  • Quality & Safety Management

The researchers involved are experts in a wide range of fields. Their expertise rooted in a tradition of research and innovation that originates in industry, transportation and ICT. In the last decade there has been a renewed focus on healthcare, in both research and education.

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