Personalized monitoring and coaching

Are you eager to improve human well-being? Do you want to learn how to coach people in developing healthy behaviour? Are you curious about how technology can help people to adopt a healthy lifestyle? Or how to develop technology to support self management among people with chronic illnesses? Then the specialization 'Personalised monitoring and coaching' in the Master's programme Health Sciences may be the right choice for you.

The quality of healthcare has improved greatly in the last decades. As the average life expectancy has increased, so has the number of people with chronic illness. Hospital stays are getting shorter and home care is on the rise. This calls for self management skills among patients, and raises the question of how people can live independently for longer. New technologies can contribute greatly to this, making healthcare much more personalised. For instance, technology can help people to prevent physical complaints, allow for a person's health to be remotely monitored, or support patients in self-managing their conditions. But how can you inspire and motivate people to actually use the available technology? How do you draw conclusions from data and then apply them to support an individual patient? These are the kinds of questions you will be dealing with in this specialization.

Throughout this specialization you will become familiar with methods and models used to monitor data and design personal coaching strategies using technology. You will participate in on-going research projects in the healthcare sector and apply methodologies to design personalised coaching solutions. You will also learn about eHealth applications such as internet-based care, and personal coaching via smartphones and wearables.

Looking at things from different perspectives

Throughout this programme you will learn to look at the role technology plays in healthcare from different perspectives. By combining health sciences, technology, and behavioural science, you will be able to place the human dimension at the centre of technological applications. This approach allows you to look at the role technology plays in healthcare from different perspectives.

programme structure

You begin the Master's programme in Health Sciences with three general subjects: Health economic modelling, Stakeholder preference elicitation and decision support, and Data science.

The subject 'eHealth development; a holistic approach' covers the basic principles and theories concerning eHealth. You will become familiar with methods and techniques for user-oriented applications of eHealth technologies and with measuring their effects. The development, implementation and evaluation of persuasive eHealth technologies will be discussed extensively.

In ‘Tele-medicine and data analysis for monitoring’ you will discover how technology can be used to gather information on health and wellness. In this subject, the focus is on data measurement and how to process this data into relevant information for the healthcare provider and the patient. A fun addition is that you yourself get to develop a system for monitoring and coaching, and then present it to potential end users. You then use their feedback to further develop your intervention.

‘Monitoring and persuasive coaching’ teaches you to use information you have obtained in other subjects for coaching and offering individuals targeted counselling. You will start working on three practice-based projects. This involves following a number of specific design steps, from creating a scenario for a specific purpose (for example, stress management) to the technical realization and first evaluation. You will use data and interviews to identify coaching possibilities for physical exercise, think about how you can create a persuasive technology for aggressive forensic psychiatric patients, and use a dataset to evaluate the use of a current eHealth platform for chronic illnesses.





Health economic modeling

Stakeholder preference elicitation and decision support

Data science

5 EC

5 EC

5 EC


eHealth development: a holistic approach

Telemedicine and data analysis for monitoring

Monitoring and persuasive coaching

5 EC

5 EC

5 EC

Q3 + Q4

Master's assignment

30 EC

Is this programme a good fit for you?

Do you enjoy innovation, teamwork and creativity? Are you curious about the role technology plays in healthcare and the possibilities offered by new technological developments, such as eHealth? This programme will teach you to analyse healthcare issues from different perspectives, to use models and methods and to design, implement and evaluate innovative improvements.

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