Personalized monitoring and coaching

This specialization focusses on how unobtrusive, user-friendly technologies can personalize healthcare. You will also look at the context of working and living and the needs and demands of stakeholders, like patients and caregivers.

The specialization starts with a course on eHealth. The goal is to introduce concepts of user-friendly and persuasive technologies and to address the holistic development perspective: people-centred and value-driven.

The second course deals with tele-monitoring; how technologies can be used to monitor people with chronic care conditions to personalize healthcare.

The third course integrates knowledge of the prior courses and focusses on the use of Big Data to personalize healthcare. Big Data are the key to more personalized healthcare. Pervasive technologies, like wearables and smart phones, pave the way for unobtrusive 24-hour monitoring, generating large-scale data sets about ourselves. You will learn to combine clinical data, environmental data, and real-time life-tracking data on, for instance, physical activities, eating and sleeping behaviour. You can use these data to tailor treatment and coach patients. This is why they are seen as the key to self-management.

You will participate in ongoing research projects in healthcare and apply socio-technical methodologies to create novel concepts for personalized coaching.

After this course, you will have knowledge about eHealth and value-based eHealth development approaches aimed at personalizing healthcare. You will also be able to apply methods and models for monitoring (large-scale) data and designing persuasive coaching strategies.





Methods for Early Health Technology Assessment

15 EC


eHealth development: a holistic approach

Telemedicine and data analysis for monitoring

Monitoring & persuasive coaching

5 EC

5 EC

5 EC

Q3 en Q4

Master assignment

30 EC

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