Optimization of healthcare processes

The healthcare sector is facing serious challenges. Rising healthcare costs, market forces and an ageing population are placing increasing pressure on the quality of healthcare. In order to maintain, or even improve, this quality, healthcare processes need to be optimized. So, how can this be done without incurring additional costs? And what role does technology play in all this? In this specialization you will learn to use new methods for improving processes in and between healthcare organizations.

Optimizing healthcare processes

How can we improve healthcare processes without increasing the budget? Technology, as well as innovations, can make a significant contribution. Another solution is to find alternative ways of organizing healthcare.

As a result of research and innovation the healthcare landscape is changing. Many innovations and new treatments are emerging. It is important to determine the value of these technological innovations. During this specialization you will get more insight into the methods and models used to analyse the costs and benefits of innovations. You will learn to look at a new development from different perspectives. For example, by taking into account legal, social or economic aspects, as well as business management, integrated capacity planning or ICT. With this broad look, you can then advise on the added value of such a renewal.

During this specialization you will also learn to effectively and efficiently design and implement healthcare processes. The challenge is to do this so that the various steps in the healthcare process are seamlessly interconnected for the patient’s benefit.

Your toolkit

In this specialization you will also learn how to apply new methods in the field of 'Early health technology assessment' with the purpose of optimizing processes in and between healthcare organizations. Using (big data) analysis methods, you will determine key improvement points for healthcare processes. Using economic models for healthcare (based on principles from operations management) you will learn to determine the value of new innovations. You will also learn how to assess the added value of process-orientated and technical innovations for healthcare innovations. After completing this specialization you will be able to assess the feasibility and added value of new care processes and to implement these innovations.

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Health economic modeling

Stakeholder preference elicitation and decision support

Data science

5 EC

5 EC

5 EC


Optimizing healthcare processes

Finance and healthcare purchasing

Quality management in healthcare

5 EC

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Master's assignment

30 EC

Is this programme right for you?

Are you interested in improving healthcare processes? Does the challenge of connecting different people and disciplines for this purpose appeal to you? Would you like to combine data with technical and substantive knowledge from different domains to create innovative solutions for the healthcare sector? Then this specialization is the right choice for you. For an example of where you can end up when choosing the optimization of healthcare processes specialization, watch the video below:  

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