Optimization of healthcare processes

In this specialization you will learn to apply methods of early health technology assessment in order to optimize processes in and across healthcare organizations.

You will use Big Data analysis methods to identify key areas of improvement in the processes of healthcare delivery. You will also apply health economic models and simulation to predict the value of innovations in improving these processes. The added value of process and technological innovations to healthcare organizations can be assessed in terms of health benefits, (inter)organizational efficiency, and more. You will learn to appraise the financial viability of newly designed healthcare delivery processes, and know how to purchase and implement those innovations.





Methods for Early Health Technology Assessment

15 EC


Optimizing healthcare processes

5 EC

Finance and healthcare purchasing

5 EC

Quality management in healthcare

5 EC

Q3 en Q4

Master assignment

30 EC

With this specialization you can go a variety of directions, depending on your interests. For an example of where you can end up when choosing the optimization of healthcare processes specialization, watch the video below:

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