Innovation in public health

The aim of this specialization is to identify the most effective ways of organizing, managing, financing and delivering high-quality care in our society from a public point of view.

You will learn to analyze current challenges and anticipate on future challenges in healthcare organizations in light of the demand for healthcare resources. You will also learn to understand the interdependencies in performance between organizations in the healthcare supply chain delivery and identify key areas for improvement of health systems as a whole.
Subjects in this specialization centre on the value of health from a societal perspective. For example, using a multi-stakeholder approach, trend analysis and mixed research methods.





Methods for Early Health Technology Assessment

15 EC


Public Health Innovations

PH: Dynamics in policy, law and regulation

Health economics: maximizing societal welfare 

5 EC
5 EC
5 EC

Q3 en Q4

Master assignment

30 EC

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