Innovation in public health

Do you have a keen interest in health prevention? Do you want to improve the health of communities through education, policy making and research for disease and injury protection? Do you want to eliminate health risks and improve equal access to health facilities? Then the Master's programme Health Sciences' specialization 'Innovation in public health' is definitely for you.

During this specialization you will learn everything about public healthcare and how it can be improved. Public health is a field where many professionals and practitioners work in multi-disciplinary settings to improve health of the community and specific groups therein. Some examples of typical public health subjects:

  • Examining second-hand tobacco smoke levels and exposure
  • Developing emergency preparedness plans
  • Identifying ways to curb bullying in schools
  • Exploring genetic and environmental factors in autism
  • Strengthen self-reliance of the aging population

These are just a selection from a very wide range of subjects. Public health focuses on health at various levels, populations at risk, (local, regional) communities, health differences in the development-countries and health at a global scale.

Facilitating cooperation

In order to effectively develop, implement and evaluate healthcare programmes, you will need to work together with all the relevant stakeholders. But which actors and sectors come together when it comes to public health? And how can you ensure that they collaborate efficiently? These are all things you will learn about throughout this specialization.

Healthcare and technology

Our programme focuses on the analysis of public health issues and what policy, law and regulation can do to improve public health. We do that with a keen eye on the role of technology; how – for instance – do devices like the Apple-watch influence healthy behaviors? How do blood-sugar devices influence self-reliance and self-management in diabetes? How can we use apps to strengthen healthy behaviors in people with psychiatric problems? How can we use sensors in the monitoring of frail elderly people? How can we use technology to prevent babies to die from cradle death? How can we empower people to improve self-management?

Many of these subjects hinge on communication. The success of a public health is often in the communication skills with the health workers. How do they communicate, interact, how do they motivate and stimulate people to improve health behavior?

Programme structure





Health economic modeling

Stakeholder preference elicitation and decision support

Data science

5 EC

5 EC

5 EC


Public health innovations

PH: Dynamics in policy, law and regulation

Health economics: Maximizing societal welfare

5 EC

5 EC

5 EC

Q3 + Q4

Master's assignment

30 EC

Is this programme THE RIGHT fit for you?

Are you eager to work with others on developing and implementing innovative and preventative healthcare programmes? Do you want to contribute to the improvement of public healthcare? Then this is the specialization for you.

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