Innovation in public health

Keeping citizens’ health situation up to level is a challenge that reaches beyond governments’ responsibilities. It also reaches beyond citizens’ responsibilities for healthy behaviour, healthy nutrition and sufficient exercise. Public health demands the careful interplay between public and private organizations. It is about the smart combination of medical care with other societal sectors, like education, (public) housing, transport and infrastructure, recreation and public parks, spatial planning and public safety. 

In this specialization you learn how to develop cooperation, innovation and preventive actions among these sectors. These interventions aim at equal opportunities for all to live in good health. In this specialization you learn how to improve public health for instance:

  • the design, implementation and evaluation of health programs;
  • how to perform policy analysis and how to train (health) policy makers;
  • how to disseminate health information in effective ways;
  • how to set up community health centres and how to train its staff;
  • how to facilitate processes of cooperation on design and development of health initiatives;
  • management and implementation of health initiatives;
  • the fine-tuning of health programs with other societal programs;
  • performing independent health research and evaluations
  • how to connect social and societal equality, health and welfare.





Methods for Early Health Technology Assessment

15 EC


Public Health Innovations

PH: Dynamics in policy, law and regulation

Health economics: maximizing societal welfare 

5 EC
5 EC
5 EC

Q3 en Q4

Master assignment

30 EC

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