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Are you eager to apply technology to improve human well-being? Do you want to learn how to use wearables and smartphones to gather patient data, and then translate this data into effective decisions and actions? How to coach people in developing healthy behaviour? Or how to develop technology to support self management among people with chronic illnesses? Then this specialization in Personalized monitoring and coaching of the Master's programme Health Sciences may be just right for you.

This specialization focuses on using technology to create innovative personalized eHealth services that substantially contribute to sustainable, efficient and effective (personalized) healthcare for all citizens.

You will

  • learn how to deal with methods and models for monitoring data.
  • be involved in designing personal coaching strategies through technology.
  • participate in current research projects in healthcare, and apply methodologies to design solutions for personalized coaching.
  • learn about eHealth applications such as internet assistance and personal coaching via smartphones and wearables. You will even be wearing one of those wearables yourself; by tracking and analysing your own data you will become your own research object.

After completing the Master’s programme with this specialization, you will be able to work as a consultant in the field of data analysis and implementation, for hospitals, insurance companies and similar organizations.





Health economic modeling

Stakeholder preference elicitation and decision support

Data science

5 EC

5 EC

5 EC


eHealth development: a holistic approach

Telemedicine and data analysis for monitoring

Monitoring and persuasive coaching

5 EC

5 EC

5 EC

Q3 + Q4

Master's assignment

30 EC

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