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Apart from your Master's assignment in Q3 and Q4, this specialization in Personalized Monitoring and Coaching consists of three courses:

  • eHealth development; a holistic approach: you will examine basic principles and theories about eHealth. You will learn about methods and techniques for user-oriented deployment of eHealth technologies and how to measure their effects. After completing this course, you will know everything about the development, implementation and evaluation of persuasive eHealth technologies. Want to know more about this course?
  • Telemedicine and data analysis for monitoring: this course is generally about measuring data, assessing data reliability and processing data into information that is relevant to healthcare providers and patients. After completing this course you will know how to use technology to gather information about health and wellness. Want to know more about this course?
  • Monitoring and persuasive coaching: in the course in 'Monitoring and persuasive coaching' you will learn how to use your gathered knowledge of other subjects for providing coaching and specific advice to individuals. In doing so, you will work on three practice-based projects. Want to know more about this course?
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