In the second semester of the specialisation in Optimisation of Healthcare Processes you will be working on a graduation assignment. You will be given full access to the state-of-the-art facilities of our research institute Technical Medical Centre. Furthermore, you’ll be visiting top clinical care centre Rijnstate hospital in Arnhem with your fellow Master’s students. Your graduation assignments may come from business or healthcare. An example of a possible graduation assignment within this specialisation could be an investigation of:

How to better streamline the care process in breast cancer screening programmes?
You would be examining the entire process, from the first screening to a possible follow-up exam, identifying multiple aspects, and taking into account the interests of both patient and care provider.

Other graduation assignments could involve:
  • weighing the pros and cons of introducing a Da Vinci robot for a healthcare institution
  • examining how to streamline the care process between health centres
  • improving the staffing of nurses in a hospital’s intensive care department
  • making capacity calculations through simulation models
  • optimising the patient flow of a hospital’s elective admission ward
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