Apart from your Master's assignment in Q3 and Q4, this specialisation in Optimisation of Healthcare Processes consists of these courses:

Optimising healthcare processes: you will delve deeper into what you have learned before about Operations Management: a broad topic that involves planning, capacity, maintenance and inventory management, storage and transport. It’s a subject that has already been studied extensively for applications in industry, but not for healthcare. Which is the very challenge of this course; you will acquire the tools and tricks you need for analysing and optimising care processes, and learn how to apply them. Want to know more about this course?

Finance and healthcare purchasing: improving the way we pay for healthcare must be a central component in healthcare reform. Payment reform must link provider reimbursement and accountability to improving patient value: better health outcomes delivered at lower cost. Today’s deeply‐flawed reimbursement approaches, however, fail this test. They actively discourage providers from delivering value to their patients. In this course you will be involved with questions such as:

  • How to reduce healthcare costs without losing healthcare quality?
  • How can healthcare providers use their financing and purchasing functions to contract suppliers more efficiently and effectively?
  • How to smoothen negotiations between care providers, insurance companies and municipalities?

 In short, you will learn everything about the purchase side of healthcare. Want to know more about this course?

Quality management in healthcare: what effect does an aging population have on healthcare? How safe are new research methods and techniques? How do self tests impact healthcare? Are they reliable? What is an acceptable fault rate in patient identification and handling blood samples in a hospital laboratory? This is the type of questions that you will learn to answer. You will learn to examine trends and developments in society and their effect on the quality of healthcare, and explore possible ways of monitoring healthcare quality. Want to know more about this course?

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