Would you like to help the healthcare sector to improve the quality of medications and health products? Are you eager to look for ways to reduce waiting times for surgeries or appointments in hospitals? Want to support healthcare organisations in the implementation of innovations? Or to help set up a fair system for financing health service deliveries? Then the specialisation in Optimisation of Healthcare Processes of the Master's in Health Sciences may be just what you’re looking for. 

This typical University of Twente specialization is about using technology to improve healthcare. Instead of merely looking at medical technology as such, you will investigate how to use simulations models, data and the like to gain better insight. In the process, by assessing which technologies are worth investing in (and which aren’t), you will contribute to vital decision making in the healthcare sector. You will be looking at healthcare at the organisational level, with a focus on the strategic component of healthcare management: how is healthcare arranged, both financially and practically, and how can improvements be made?

You will:

  • examine healthcare institutions and organisations, and try to determine the best way for them to focus their care processes
  • learn how to improve processes within and between healthcare organisations using new methods
  • discover how to design and implement healthcare processes in an efficient and effective way; the big challenge here is to make sure the different steps in the care process are perfectly aligned to the patient’s needs

After completing the Master with this specialisation, you will be eligible for work as a project leader implementing new care concepts, a policy adviser in a hospital, or a consultant in the healthcare sector facilitating collaboration between healthcare organisations.





Health economic modeling

Stakeholder preference elicitation and decision support

Data science

5 EC

5 EC

5 EC


Optimising healthcare processes

Finance and healthcare purchasing

Quality management in healthcare

5 EC

5 EC

5 EC

Q3 en Q4

Master's assignment

30 EC 

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