Apart from your Master's assignment in Q3 and Q4, this specialisation Innovation in Public Health consists of three courses:

Public health innovations: you will learn to analyse innovations in public healthcare. Furthermore, you will learn to take a critical approach to the implementation of said innovations: how can you personally influence the process and how can it be made to run more efficiently, faster or smoother? Want to know more about this course?

PH: Dynamics in policy, law and regulation: this course will teach you to analyse societal trends and developments in the field of health and healthcare. As our life expectancy increases, we will suffer more and more ailments. Health issues involving, e.g., obesity, cardiovascular disease, or drug resistance are all becoming increasingly common. This course investigates how knowledge of policy, legislation and regulations can be integrated into our society’s healthcare. Want to know more about this course?

Health economics: Maximising societal welfare: this course deals with how health analysis can bring about improvements in public health and how the financing of health technologies and the provision of health services can be facilitated. You will learn to make analyses from a multidisciplinary perspective and to view health issues from different angles. Want to know more about this course?

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