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Are you curious to know why patients with a certain illness get different treatments in different hospitals? Want to make a contribution to protecting children from unhealthy food and drinks – hence, obesity? These are the types of questions addressed by the specialization in Innovation in Public Health. It focuses on the quality of public services and involves healthcare at a societal level. You will investigate and analyse global health-related challenges and find ways to develop the right policies for tackling them. This specialization in Innovation in Public Health the Master's programme Health Sciences may be just what you’re looking for.

You will learn everything about public healthcare and how to improve it. Naturally, the government plays an important role in maintaining or improving public health, but public healthcare is much more than a government task. It requires close collaboration between private and public organizations, and knowing how to use knowledge from other sectors for the benefit of medical care. You will deepen your knowledge, while at the same time learning how to apply it in practice. 

Typical examples of what you could be doing:

  • conduct research into passive smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke
  • develop emergency plans
  • identify ways to prevent bullying in schools
  • investigate genetic and environmental factors in autism
  • improve independence among the elderly
  • use the Apple Watch and similar devices to promote healthy behaviour
  • use sensors in the monitoring of frail elderly people

After obtaining your Master’s degree with this specialization you will soon find a job as a policy maker with a national or local governmental organization.





Quarter 1

Health economic modeling

Stakeholder preference elicitation and decision support

Data science

5 EC

5 EC

5 EC

Quarter 2

Public health innovations

PH: Dynamics in policy, law and regulation

Health economics: Maximizing societal welfare

5 EC

5 EC

5 EC

Quarter 3 + 4

Master's assignment

30 EC

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