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What you will do after obtaining your Master’s degree in Health Sciences depends entirely on your personal preferences.

Here are four routes you can take.

Get a job in industry or government

Upon graduation, you can decide to pursue a professional career in the healthcare sector right away. With a Master of Science degree in Health Sciences, you will be ideally suited to tackle challenges at the highest level in all areas of healthcare, for instance:

You can be a manager, implement new care concepts as a project leader, or facilitate collaboration between healthcare organizations as a policymaker or consultant. On average, the University of Twente’s Health Sciences Master’s graduates manage to find work within just a little over two months.

Follow a PhD or EngD programme

After you have successfully finished your Master’s in Health Sciences, a PhD or EngD programme at Twente Graduate School (TGS) could be an interesting possibility for you. A PhD involves spending four years studying a particular research area in-depth at one of our research institutes. Typically, you will already be working on your PhD research topic or proposal during the last part of the Master’s programme. An extracurricular Research Honours programme can also be integrated. When you successfully obtain your PhD, you will be awarded the title of Doctor (Dr). 

For excellent professionals and graduates with a master’s degree from a university, TGS offers five different Engineering Doctorate, or EngD, programmes. These two-year, tailored programmes are aimed at you becoming a high-level technological designer. On successfully completing the programme, you will receive a certified diploma and the academic degree title, Engineering Doctorate (EngD). 

Start a business with Novel-T

The University of Twente has been voted the most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands four times in a row. We have a unique approach of putting scientific knowledge to practical use and turning our expertise and yours into solutions that people and society actually need. Which goes to explain why in 2017 the University of Twente was voted the university with the greatest societal impact as well. As a catalyst for meaningful entrepreneurship, we offer you the Novel-T foundation. 

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