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Geographical Information Management and Applications

Master's programme

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This master’s programme aims to educate students and professionals to become all-round managers and/or researchers in the field of geo-information.

From protecting rainforests to streamlining urban planning, geographical information has a vital role to play in our world. How can we ensure this data is organized and presented to maximum effect?

Businesses and local residents are eager to consult the planning restrictions of their town or city to find out whether their building plans are likely to be approved. Presenting this information digitally in an easily accessible and visually effective form offers a pressing and fascinating challenge.

A non-governmental organization in a data-poor environment in a developing country wants to monitor changes in the extent and quality of the local forests. Is it possible to accurately classify satellite images in a way that will help them achieve this goal?

These are just two examples of the wide variety of spatial information issues that geographical information experts have to deal with. The range and complexity of such issues are vast: imagine the challenges involved in combining soil, land use, topography and geomorphology data into a single map to illustrate the probability of significant archaeological finds in a given area.

Programme overview

Master’s degree in Geographical Information Management and Applications
Certification: MSc
2 years
Full-time / part-time
English taught
Starting date
1 September 2017
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