The master’s programme 'Environmental and Energy Management' aims to prepare future decision-makers in companies, government and non-governmental organisations for analysing and acting in an environmentally pro-active manner when making decisions about policy, production and resource utilization.


The programme is intended for postgraduates with a clear affinity for management and/or technology, either as a result of their education or of their working experience, as well as for decision-makers in companies, government and non-governmental organisations who wish to become environmental and energy specialists.


Course duration is 12 months (52 weeks), on a fulltime basis.


Graduates will be able to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate environmental and energy management programmes, policies and projects. Participants will be employed by large companies in the private sector, become a consultant for large, medium and small sized enterprises, or will work for governmental or non-governmental organisations. In the public sector, national public authorities, provinces, larger municipalities and water authorities will employ them.


Msc Environmental and Energy Management. Specialisation in Environmental Management,  Energy Management or Water Governance.

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