Tuition fee

EU/EEA nationalities: Euro 2,006

Non-EU/EEA nationalities: Euro 11,250

It does not include living expenses like rent, insurance, food, pocket money and the costs for the visa and residence permit. It is the applicant’s own responsibility to raise these funds.


The Master of Environmental and Energy Management (MEEM) offers various services to its participants. These services include: 


We will apply for your visa, using the so-called ‘short procedure’. We will inform you what documents you need to send us for the visa application. 


Well before your departure to the Netherlands, we will send you an information package that will tell you what to take with you and what things you should prepare. Based on your travel schedule, we will arrange transport for you from Schiphol Airport to Leeuwarden and we will inform you about the arrangements made. 

While you are preparing yourself in your own country, we will already arrange several things for you in the Netherlands, like an appointment to open a bank account, internet access, as well as a doctor and dentist. 


As previously mentioned, we will arrange transport for you from Schiphol Airport to Leeuwarden. When you arrive, someone will be waiting for you to welcome you and show you your accommodation. This person can answer your questions. You will receive some food and drinks for the first days, a city map, and other information. 


The first days of your stay, we will help you with the necessary paper work for, amongst other things, your insurance and residence permit. We will also show you around and help you to settle in. 


We will arrange accommodation for you. The rooms are furnished and kitchen utensils are also provided. The rooms have shared facilities, such as bathroom and kitchen. 


During the year, we will organise several social activities, like an international dinner and some cultural/touristic excursions. There is also plenty of opportunity to organise something yourself.

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