Lecturer's Experience

Well designed, with a sound balance between theory and practiceArjan Meijerink, Assistant Professor

Having completed my studies in Electrical Engineering (with a specialization in Telecommunication Engineering) at the University of Twente, I carried out research into fibre optic communication and an integrated optic system to control the scan angle of a phased array antenna, for example to allow air passengers to watch satellite TV during a flight. I am currently involved in short range radio, for applications such as sensor networks.

I teach the Master’s course in Mobile Radio Communications. My students learn about the main challenges for systems in this field. They learn to understand and model radio propagation effects. With a bit of creative thinking, they can use these models to design good radio transmitters and receivers. I love the combination of being at the forefront of the latest technology, but also challenging students to come up with quick and clever solutions! The students seem to like it too, if my Electrical Engineering Teaching Prize is anything to go by.

A sense of wonder and abstract challenges are the things I relish most. I still marvel at how things work and wonder why a device has been designed in a certain way. I want to understand the hows and whys right down to the finest detail. I like a good puzzle too. I get a kick out of thinking about complex abstract problems and coming up with clever solutions.

This programme at the University of Twente is very well designed, with a clear structure in terms of course content and a sound balance between theory and practice. The theoretical courses are certainly not easy but they enable you to raise your game to the level you’ll need in a job where you are involved in developing the latest technology at the highest level. Meanwhile the practicals and projects turn students into real engineers, capable of taking a structured approach to solving problems independently and pragmatically, and capable of efficient and effective collaboration with others. The fact that the programme is taught in English is a great help in this regard, given the far-reaching internationalization taking place in this area.

The University of Twente is the only full campus university in the Netherlands. In addition to its beautiful location in the countryside, it has a lot to offer in terms of sport and culture. It is also a very modern university, with a strong focus on the questions posed by industry and society at large (high-tech, human-touch). This means that its research and teaching is always closely related to areas of application. In short, it’s a unique place to study and to work!

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