The one-year, English-taught Master’s degree programme in Educational Science and Technology (EST) covers two main areas:

These focal areas are also reflected in the ongoing research profile at the University of Twente’s Department of Educational Science.

Educational Design & Effectiveness

The department’s EDE team focuses on the relationship between educational design and the professional development of teachers and curriculum innovation. Involving the teacher as a co-designer of the curriculum stimulates the teacher’s own development and can be expected to have a positive effect on the process of curriculum innovation. This also establishes a link with the Teacher Training research programme at the University of Twente.

EDE’s curricular design orientation is also reflected in the use of IT and new media both as curriculum design tools and as a product of the curriculum. The department’s international orientation is evident from its research into cultural diversity and curriculum design.

EDE’s research on the effectiveness of school organizations focuses primarily on identifying the factors that contribute to or determine the quality and efficiency of the education or the school and the impact of these factors. They are mainly identified and explored using meta analyses and large-scale, international, comparative research.

EDE also focuses on the design and evaluation of technology-based learning environments (simulations, games and modelling environments).

Human Resource Development

The other focal area is in the hands of the HRD group. Its research seeks to explain, influence and improve the performance of employees in their professional environment (both at individual and team level) and to identify factors that contribute to a productive learning climate at work while serving the organization’s objectives. In this context, the group also studies the guidelines and conditions that should apply to the design and development of an inspiring learning environment.

In light of these themes, practical and relevant HRD research questions might include the following:

  • How can talent be made more visible and put to better use in a professional organization?
  • How can an organization ensure that its employees take greater responsibility for their own development?
  • How can an e-learning environment be modified to make people more motivated to participate?
  • How can an organization’s informal learning be structured without compromising its informal character?
  • How can an organization retain the knowledge lost when people leave?
  • How can training courses be evaluated in a meaningful way?
  • How can an organization achieve proper transparency on employee competencies?

Twente Graduate School

Twente Graduate School (TGS) offers high-quality educational programmes based on subjects closely related to the work of the university’s research institutes and taught and supervised by expert researchers from these same institutes. It offers an increasing variety of integrated Master’s and PhD programmes for outstanding graduate students who are keen to pursue a career in scientific research. The graduate programme associated with the Master’s programme in Educational Science and Technology is Learning in Educational & Training Settings.

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