Cyber Security

Is this the right specialization for you?

If you wish to follow the Cyber Security specialization, you have to have a Bachelor’s degree (BSc) in Computer Science – or equivalent – and an interest in disciplines beyond computer science alone.


If you do not have a university-level Computer Science Bachelor’s degree, you can sign up for our pre-Master’s programme. In Twente, the pre-Master’s programme includes calculus (7 credits), linear algebra (5 credits), probability and statistics (3 credits), algorithms (8 credits), and academic skills (7 credits). In Delft it includes calculus, linear algebra, a Bachelor’s seminar, reasoning and logic, algorithm design, and information and data modelling (5 credits each). 


As a student of the 4TU Cyber Security Master’s specialization, you can enrol in the Computer Science Master’s programme at the University of Twente or at Delft University of Technology.

To do so, you must first sign up for the Computer Science Master’s programme in either Twente (see instructions) or Delft (see instructions).

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