Cyber Security

Advisory board

The Advisory Board supports our plans in general and very much welcomes graduates who:

  • have excellent technical knowledge and skills (Über technologist)
  • are able to translate his/her knowledge into the language of another domain (speaks a second language)

board Members

The 4TU.CybSec master specialization is supported by an advisory board made up of senior leaders from industry and government:

  • Maarten Hoeve, Manager technical team, European Network for Cyber Security.
  • Floor Jansen, Strategic advisor, High Tech Crime Unit, National Police.
  • Ronald Prins, CTO, Fox-IT.
  • Paul Samwel, Lead security architect, Rabobank.
  • Eelco Stofbergen, Director consulting, CGI Group.
  • Pim Takkenberg, Director cyber security, North wave Group.
  • Hans de Vries, Director, National Cyber Security Centre.
  • Annemarie Zielstra, Director cyber security & resilience, TNO.
  • Marko van Zwam, Partner cyber security, Deloitte.
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