Services, Cyber Security and Safety Research group

  • Services Core question is how we can develop complex networks of IT services in which we balance the goals and needs of stakeholders with cost-effectiveness, safety and security risks. We use techniques from service-oriented architectures and model-driven development. Major application domains are currently health care and wellness.
  • Cyber-security Core question is how a defender can win the continuing battle against attacker by increasing attacker effort, increasing the chance of discovery, and decreasing the gain for an attacker. We use techniques from cryptography, machine learning, system security and risk management. Major application domains are currently industrial control systems, intelligent transport systems, and health care.
  • Safety Core question is how public safety can be improved by IT-based services to recognize people (i.e. biometrics), behavior, and situations. We use techniques from pattern recognition, machine learning, and computer vision, where we aim to optimize the trade-off between safety, privacy, and usability. Our main application domain is public safety.
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