Marketing communication

This specialization belongs to the master's programme Communication Studies.

What is Marketing Communication?

Marketing Communication is all about explaining, predicting and influencing consumer behaviour. Understanding the effects of advertising and marketing stimuli is central to this specialization.

In this specialization, you will examine the following issues and questions:

  1. How do consumers acquire information from the market, and which psychological processes play a role in processing this information?
  2. What kind of information is most effective in helping consumers with their decisions about products or services that will have a significant impact on their lives (e.g. a new car, major surgery, a new mortgage, planning a holiday)? What information is best suited to promoting products that are purchased on a daily basis (fast-moving consumer goods) or to influencing routine buying behaviour?
  3. What role can the internet play in consumer loyalty and communicating with the consumer?

A great deal of advertising and marketing communication aims to create positive ideas about a certain brand among consumers. Customers are more likely to buy a brand that makes a favourable impression on them. Marketing communication avails itself of a range of channels, such as printed advertising, television commercials, personal sales, shop design and ICT.

Marketing communication is all around us, a domain that we, as consumers, are part of. This represents the biggest challenge: understanding the often unconscious psychological processes that affect every consumer and play such an important role in marketing communication.

Programme structure

In the Marketing Communication specialization you will take two core courses and select two specialization courses from a wider range. We strongly advise you to take at least one of the following two specialization courses: Persuasive Communication or Advertising & Marketing Psychology. The course descriptions on this website will give you further details. 

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Core courses (compulsory, 10 credits)

  • Essentials in Marketing Communication and Consumer Behaviour, 201400184
  • Research Topics in Marketing Communication and Consumer Behaviour, 201100174

Specialization courses (select at least two, 10 credits):

  • Persuasive Communication, (192402500)  
  • Consumer Experience of the Service Environment, (201400186)     
  • Multisensory Marketing and Product Experience, (201200066)
  • Design and Emotion (201500440)
  • Advanced topics in Digital Marketing, (201500080)
  • Advertising and Marketing Psychology (201200049)

Note: The range of specialization courses and the block in which the courses are offered may vary from one academic year to the next.

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