Mariana Leyton Escobar

Mariana received her Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. She is now studying the Master’s in Communication Studies at the University of Twente and chose the New Media specialization. After receiving her Master’s degree, she would like to go to the USA where her family lives, and look for a job in a nongovernmental organization or a non-profit organization, where she would like to work as a communications expert in the field of new and social media.

I chose this Master’s for two reasons: first of all, it had the specialization I wanted, namely Media and Communication, which I couldn’t find in any other Master’s at other universities. Secondly, it included a one-year pre-Master’s, which I felt I needed since I had not studied communications before. The courses here are very research-focused, and I think you can learn a lot about research in behavioural sciences in this university.

During the summer, I took an internship at a start-up non-profit organization. I was hired to help with their social media efforts. When I started, I noticed that they had not thought about the objectives behind having social media. In that situation, I was the expert because I was able to explain them the importance of first figuring out a goal-based strategy in order to figure out why, how, and when to use social media.

I think Enschede is a great student city, as it is not big enough that it becomes overwhelming, and not small enough that it becomes boring. Life on campus can be very fun because you get to live with students from different types of backgrounds, and who are in different types of programmes.

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