Luc van Dijk

Luc van Dijk completed a university of applied sciences (HBO) Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management and is now enrolled in the Master’s in Communication Studies at the University of Twente. He chose the Marketing Communication specialization. When he finishes his degree, he would like to become a marketing and communications consultant.

I chose the Communication Studies Master’s to gain deeper insights into marketing and communication theories and to learn how to do research in this field. The psychological aspect of marketing is what makes this Master’s unique. I chose the UT because of the personal approach. This approach is reflected in the interaction with teachers and fellow students.

For one course I researched teachers’ knowledge of the internet with regard to their pupils. I discovered some interesting results: pupils do need guidance on the internet. Not on how the internet works, because in this regard children already know more than their teachers. However, they do need supervision when it comes to computer security and safety, and they require assistance when searching for reliable information. These results can be useful for creating new primary school teaching material on safer, more effective internet use.

In addition to studying, I’m also actively involved in a political party, and I set up a communication campaign for them. It’s not just about what message you want to send, but also about who is going to send this message and when.

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