My name is Rutger Brunink, and I am studying Communication Science at the University of Twente. After I successfully completed the Bachelor programme of Communication Science, I decided to choose the specialization Corporate Communication within the Master programme. During the first semester, I followed some interesting courses concerning internal communication, reputation management, and positive organizing. Currently, I am working on my thesis, which is about the perception of nurses regarding the implementation of a new technology in health care organizations. Below, I would like to share my experiences about the Corporate Communication specialization with all of you!

During the Bachelor programme, I followed an interesting course about internal communication, crisis communication, and reputation management. The main goal of this course was to develop a better understanding of how organizations can communicate most effectively during crisis situations, both internally (e.g. towards their employees) and externally (e.g. towards the media). Together with some fellow students, I created a comprehensive communication strategy for a hospital that was confronted by a lot of criticism, due to the outbreak of a threatening bacteria. Since this course was really challenging and interesting, I decided to focus more intensively on themes such as internal communication and reputation management. Therefore, the Master track of Corporate Communication is something that really fits me well!

The specialization of Corporate Communication consists of some obligatory courses, in which the core themes (e.g. image, reputation, employee commitment, burn-out) are introduced. Besides, students have a considerable amount of freedom to choose which courses they would like to follow. To illustrate, I studied how the communication processes within organizations can be organized more positively, and how organizations should introduce and manage changes in their corporate visual identity (e.g. logo and typeface). These courses indicate the importance of both internal and external communication in the specialization of Corporate Communication. Personally, I really appreciated the broad range of topics that had been discussed during the first semester of this Master specialization.

Although there were a lot of other interesting courses that I could follow during the second semester, I decided to start working on my Master thesis. Concretely, I am investigating to what extent nurses do legitimize the introduction of a new technology in health care organizations. Furthermore, I research how this degree of acceptance is related to behavioural changes of nurses, for example concerning their use of a technology or the interaction with their colleagues. By combining the different themes that I studied in the Bachelor programme and during the first semester of the Master track, I am able to conduct interesting research in the field of Corporate Communication. This proves that Corporate Communication is simply brilliant to focus on!

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