I am Felix and I am 25 years old. I grew up in a German city called Coesfeld. Right now I am finishing the last subjects of my MSc. Communication Studies, before I am going to start with writing my thesis. After finishing the BSc. Communication Science here, at the University of Twente, I choose to do a master at the UT as well. I initially came to Enschede to study Communication Science because I have always been interested in the act of persuasion and in what triggers people.

When I had to decide which master track I wanted to do it was really clear for me. I wanted to do it here in Enschede because of the ease, it is so approachable here. If you have an issue concerning your study, you just walk by the office of the teacher or study advisor or send an e-mail and they will help fast. I have heard some horror stories from friends of mine, that at some universities you could not get through if you had any questions. I did not want that. Also, I knew I wanted to specialize in Marketing Communication really quickly. The bachelor track was fun, but it had a really broad focus. I could now get more to the core from the reason I wanted to study Communication Science in the first place: optimize your message and find what the best way to send it is.

Right now I am starting in the second part of my master and it didn’t disappoint.  The programme gave me what I expected. In the first quartile we started with the marketing essentials and afterwards we got more and more specific into the field of marketing. The level of the subjects is high and because I choose to also do some subjects from the Corporate Communication track, I experience a very diverse set of courses.

It is now time for me to start figuring out what is next. By the time I finish studying here I am either going back to Germany, to test myself at a marketing firm over there, or I will stay here and use my experience here to start at a Dutch firm with an international focus. There are plenty options. But for now I am enjoying my time in Enschede.

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