Bas van Glabbeek

Junior Consultant, Involve

For me, the Communication Studies programme at the University of Twente is very different than the other Communication programmes: it is practical and reasonably small-scale. Throw the appealing campus into the mix, and the choice was easy. This is the place where I wanted to study! 

I’m now working as a junior communications advisor at Involve. On top of that, the organization for communication professionals (Logeion) named me 'Communication Talent of the Year 2012’!

Involve is the only agency in the Netherlands that is specialized solely in internal communication. As an agency consultant, you can be hired by organizations for all sorts of tasks. On Monday you might find yourself in the Randstad researching the internal communication within a company. On Tuesday you could be in some far-flung province organizing a major internal meeting for another organization.

I’ve been working on writing and publishing 100% consistent, the impact of implicit communication. My boss, Ilse van Ravenstein, university lecturer Mark van Vuuren and I wrote this book, which is a practical guide that directors, managers and communications professionals can use on a daily basis to ensure that their organization practices what it preaches. I am very proud of the result, and I’m sure that this book is part of the reason I was named ‘Communication Talent of the Year 2012’. I eventually hope to become a consultant on a more strategic level, but one who exudes pragmatism and commitment.

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