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The 21st century has brought unprecedented technological development. New and often disruptive products are appearing in all areas of life, while smartphones, the Internet, and social media have become indispensable. Technology has changed the way we communicate, while creating new privacy threats. In society, there is growing optimism about the possibilities technology offers, yet it is marred by an uneasiness regarding the implications of new technologies. Communication plays a pivotal role in all of this. As a communication professional, you can help popularize a given product, help improve, explain, and integrate a complex new app within an organization, or facilitate a public debate about the role of new technologies in our lives and society.

This specialization will give you a deeper understanding of the inseparability of communication and technology. You will be able to contribute to the debate about the interaction between technology and communication, such as the effects of a digital society on interpersonal communication, or the impact of smartphones on daily life. You will learn how to translate complex issues into simpler explanations. Whether by contributing to a certain technology’s success, or improving public tech-consciousness, you can become a knowledgeable contributor to the technological development of our society. You may also play an important role in the design process of new technologies by acting as the linking pin between designers and the end users of a product. You will be the one who can translate users’ needs and wishes into design requirements, thereby contributing to a better User Experience, or UX.


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