Organizational Communication & Reputation

Organizations have always needed strong communication channels to perform at their best. Today, organizational structures are rapidly changing, influenced by the growing use of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and data science. At the same time, the reputation of an organization has never been so important: in an age of unprecedented transparency, with an ever-evolving media landscape, actively managing the reputation of an organization is of pivotal significance to keeping stakeholders happy and maintaining the right image.

In this specialization, you will learn how to understand and boost organizations from a communications perspective. You will develop the skills needed for managing organizations in our uncertain times, becoming confident enough to guide them through complex challenges. Think, for example, of the introduction of cutting-edge technology, or the process of a merger. This specialization will equip you with the tools you need to understand and make an impact on all areas of communication within an organization. It will make you a valuable asset to any 21st-century organization.  


First semester

Second semester

Note: The range of specialization courses and the block in which the courses are offered may vary from one academic year to the next. No rights may be derived from the information.

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