This English-taught Master’s programme is one year (full-time), and, upon graduation, leads to the title of Master of Science. If you are taking the Bachelor’s programme Communication Science, or have completed it, you will have direct access to the Master’s programme.

Two semesters

The Master’s course is split into two semesters, with both consisting of an eight-week teaching block, and a two-week examination block. You have to get 60 European credits (1 EC corresponds with 28 hours of study) within the programme. The nominal study load is 15 EC per block, with some flexibility. The exact range of specialization courses and the blocks in which courses are offered may vary per academic year. The study programme also offers elective space, giving you the opportunity to specialize and explore pathways to becoming the professional you want to be. These are the basic blocks of the programme:

  • Three core courses: Essentials in Communication Science (5 EC), Societal Challenges (5 EC) and Research Topics (5 EC);
  • Two obligatory specialization courses (total 10 EC);
  • Two elective courses or an internship (total 10 EC);
  • A Master’s thesis (25 EC).

The three core courses

The three core courses combine shared learning goals with a specialization-specific perspective, allowing you to gain proficiency in your chosen area of study.

  • Essentials in Communication science teaches core theoretical concepts, both in general communications and its fields of specialization, giving you a strong academic base to build your practical skills upon.
  • The relationship between societal issues and communications is crucial in the 21st century, and the Societal Challenges module will let you explore the dynamics between your specialization and societal issues, giving you the insight you will need to impact societal issues.
  • The programme aims to make you not only a communication expert but also an all-around researcher. This is what the Research Topics module is about. It allows you to formulate and develop a research proposal within your specialization. This will help you prepare for your Master’s thesis research, while also giving you a better understanding of the specialization you have chosen.

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