Set up your own programme

You will set up your own individual programme together with your tutor. A programme consists of at least 11 courses (of 7.5 credits each), one course to prepare you for your graduation project (7.5 credits) and the graduation project itself, which includes your Master’s thesis (30 credits). You can tailor the programme in line with your own ambitions by specializing in Water Engineering & Management, Transportation Engineering & Management or Construction Process Management. Other combinations may be considered in consultation with the Study Advisor.

Of the 11 core courses, at least 10 should be chosen from the list below. You may choose the eleventh course from electives provided by the Faculty of Engineering Technology or another faculty, provided that the course is part of a Master’s programme and does not overlap with the other courses in the Civil Engineering and Management programme.

The following general requirements apply:

  • Two courses must be at the advanced level (designated with an asterisk (*) in the list)
  • At least one course must have an advanced design character (designated with ‘o’).

Students with an admission-level qualification other than a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering may replace no more than two of the 7.5-credit courses with catch-up courses to address any deficiencies.

Available Master’s Courses In Civil Engineering And Management

Construction Process Management

  • Legal & Governance Aspects
  • Project Management
  • Process Management
  • Collaborative Design & Engineering (°) 
  • Markets, Organizations & Innovation (*) 
  • Supply Chain Management & ICT (*)
  • Industrialization & Innovation in Construction (*) 
  • Sustainable Building (*)
  • Project Control & Risk Management 
  • Research Methodology & Academic Skills
  • Infrastructure Management 
  • Building Information Modelling & 5D Planning
  • Procurement Strategies & Tendering (*)

Transportation Engineering And Management

  • Sustainable Transport (*)
  • Public Transport 
  • Land Use and Transport Interactions (*)
  • Traffic Operations
  • Traffic Management (o)  
  • Transport Policy
  • Transport Modelling (*)
  • Transport Research Project
  • Intelligent Transport Systems  
  • Mathematical Optimization in Transport  
  • Rail Transport (o)  

Water Engineering And Management

  • Hydrology  
  • Water Systems
  • Integrated Water Management
  • River Dynamics
  • Design Project Water II (°)  
  • Tools for Water Policy Analysis (*)  
  • Water Footprint Assessment (*)
  • Marine Dynamics 
  • Mathematical Physics of Water Systems
  • Data Analysis in Water Engineering & Management 
  • Morphology (*)
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Geo Risk Management


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