Name: Gilang
Country of origin: Indonesia
Programme: Business Information Technology (MSc)

I choose to study abroad to broaden my view. Not only to expand my existing field of expertise, but also to explore things that could help me in the future. 

Hi! My name is Gilang Charismadiptya. My home town is in Bogor, Jawa Barat. I got my bachelor degree in Computer Science from Bina Nusantara University in Jakarta. After I graduate there, I worked for a software company for a year. During my work, I realized that I have good technical IT skill, but I lack the knowledge on how to implement that skill further in a company. Therefore, I want to improve my knowledge in that area.  Currently, I am studying Business Information Technology at the University of Twente.

I choose to study abroad to broaden my view.  Not only to expand my existing field of expertise, but also to explore things that could help me in the future. Those things include international culture, working habit, global perspective and many more. Aside from that, I am eager to make friends with people around the world. I choose The Netherlands because it’s one of the centers of the European Union. I also have a relative that lived here. Finally, the reason is that my home country has a historical connection with The Netherlands.

Why I choose University of Twente

First, I choose the University of Twente because it offers me the program I want, Business Information Technology. Second, the information about the university described on the website is helpful. I know what to expect, scholarship possibility and the step to apply there. From the website, I know that I will be in an international student community, what I want. I also google a bit and find many people from the university become a leader or successful people in my home country. Finally, I also know that there are many Indonesian students are studying at the University, so I don’t feel that much home sick here.

Life in University of Twente

What I get from the university is more than I expected. One example is it helps me to do my thesis in a company in the Netherlands. That way, I am going to gain international working experience. There are so many interesting events that are held by student associations. The association that is available for you to join is diverse. You can find student association, ranging from country student association to build-a-satellite-as-a-goal student association! How awesome is that? If you decide the University of Twente, make sure you join one of the student associations!

The campus environment is completely suitable for studying. It consists of many green parks, pond, and the river that will help you calm during your intensive study. The room inside the library can be booked by you or your friends to study together. The facility of the campus is top notch. The campus has many coffee machines (That my friend, will help you stay concentrated during the lecture), everywhere. Not only that, the sports facility is comprehensive, and it even has a Nano technology lab!

Feeling need some rest from the study? Because University is located near the Germany border, you can visit Germany using your bike. At a time in the past, I bike with my international friends 150 KM from Enschede, where the University of Twente is, to Amsterdam.  It was fun!

In conclusion, studying at the University of Twente is one of the best decision in my life. I got knowledge, experiences and memorable memories that I can’t forget in my life.


Do you have a question for Gilang? Contact him via our dedicated Indonesian Facebook page or Twitter account. For more information about the University of Twente you can also visit our Indonesian web page.

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