The Strategic Marketing Management Specialization track is offered by the departments of NIKOS and BIT.

NIKOS Department

The Netherlands Institute for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship (abbreviated in Dutch to NIKOS) was established at the turn of the century. In 2001, the Executive Board of the University of Twente agreed to combine part of its knowledge and technology transfer unit (particularly the part devoted to encouraging entrepreneurship, as led by Dr Peter van der Sijde) with the Chair in Innovative Entrepreneurship (Prof. Wim During) and the Chair in Marketing, then represented by the senior lecturer Dr Aard Groen, the first director of NIKOS. The objective of NIKOS was to combine scientific research and practical regional economic development in the interest of knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship. This resulted in the Netherlands’ first academic centre for entrepreneurship, incorporating research, education, entrepreneurial support (business development) and consultancy/training. Although the centre began its research with a few PhD students, NIKOS rapidly grew to include around 30 staff members working in the fields of entrepreneurship and marketing. The International Management group (Prof. Erik Joost de Bruijn) joined the centre in 2004, followed by the Strategic Management group (Prof. Hans Roosendaal).

The topics of research addressed within NIKOS correspond closely to the current socio-economic situation, given that all of its activities centre on entrepreneurship and innovation. The national Innovation Platform and regional Innovatieplatform Twente have succeeded in positioning these topics high on the political agenda. The central question concerns how scientific and other forms of knowledge can be developed in a way that serves economic and social purposes at an accelerated rate, and how the gap between interesting academic knowledge and technical applications can be bridged. With regard to marketing, the NIKOS staff focuses on B2B, Marketing in Networks and the growing domain of Digital Marketing. It aspires to become a leading educational and research centre within this domain at the national and European level. In this respect, the department participates in various courses included in the faculty’s undergraduate and post-graduate programmes.

Since September 2015, the NIKOS department has been headed by Prof. Petra de Weerd-Nederhof.

BIT Department

The discipline of business information management has recently undergone a transformation from operational information systems to information entrepreneurship at three levels: 1) intra-organizational, with the Chief Information Officer and several functional managers (especially with regard to digital marketing, operations, and HR) as new leaders; 2) inter-organizational, with information strategists as key actors; and 3) extra-organizational, with internet firms and social media entrepreneurs as the most important actors within the market for information (and information services). The Master’s programme in Business Information Management provides comprehensive knowledge and experience at each of these three levels, along with the related theories, concepts, methods and tools required for effective information entrepreneurship. Master’s students have the opportunity to develop the skills and insight that they need in order to achieve success as innovative information entrepreneurs. All Master’s courses and assignments are designed to promote insight into current research in this area.

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The content for this track is based on the research programmes of the chair in Business Information Systems (BIS). The BIS chair has a long record of past performance and current research in the areas of information strategy, digital business transformation, information services and social media, as well as with regard to the use of information products for management decisions. Much of this research is conducted in collaboration with technical IT departments within the context of the University of Twente’s Centre for Telematics & Information Technology (CTIT), which is one of the largest IT research groups in Europe. We also have close collaborations with other departments that offer applications for information systems and services in the fields of human resource management, manufacturing and procurement processes, as well as in digital marketing.

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